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Posted By: Big Tim
06-Nov-02 - 02:17 AM
Thread Name: Lyr/Tune Add: Michael Collins (not again)
Subject: RE: Lyr/Tune Add: Michael Collins (not again)
Sorry guys, you have no taste!

"Brimmer" - yes not for mixed company but a very stirring song, full of old IRA symbolism and very well constructed too and, not unimportantly, fantastic melody. I know I'm in a minority but I can appreciate this song, for its own sake, without supporting the IRA. Equally I can appreciate some loyalist songs, "Derry's Walls" for example, and remain of a nationalist ethos.                                                            

Any news on the "Brimmer" composer?

"Mullaghbawn" and "Monro" are not really true modern type, "rebel" songs. In fact "Monro" is sometimes included in loyalist collections. "Mullaghbawn" is more of a "protest" song, by some 18th century Bob Dylan, (the events took place in 1791)but as its about crime and punishment under the Penal (and Coercian) Laws it also has "rebel" connotations.

Weerover: is "Roscarbery" a different one from "Skibbereen"? If so, I don't know it and would appreciate the details. Thanks.

Incidentally I know a guy, NOT ME, who is shortly going to be publishing a book of rebel songs, about 300, in collaboration with a very well known "rebel" musician. Should be interesting!