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Posted By: MartinRyan
06-Nov-02 - 02:47 AM
Thread Name: Mudcat CD Series: Violet
Subject: RE: Mudcat CD Series: Violet

The version I sing has one major and a few minor differences from that given above. Here we go:

Notes and lyrics: HENRY JOY

An Ulster man I am proud to be,
From the Antrim glens I come.
And though I am but a fisherman,
I have followed fife and drum.
I have heard the martial tramp of feet;
I've seen men fight and die.
And it's well do I remember when
I followed Henry Joy.

2. I pulled my boat up from the sea,
And I hid my sails away.
I hung my nets on a greenwood tree
And I scanned the moonlit bay.
The pikes were out and the redcoats too,
I kissed my wife good-bye,
And in the shade of a greenwood glade
I followed Henry Joy.         

3. In Antrim town the tyrant stood
And he tore our ranks with ball
But with a cheer and our pikes to clear
Sure we drove them from the wall
Our pikes and sabres clashed that day
We won, then lost - ah why?
no matter boys, I stood beside
And I fought with Henry Joy

4. In Belfast town they built a tree
And the redcoats mustered there.
I watched him come as the roll of the drum
Rolled round the barrack square.
He kissed his sister, went aloft
Then bade his last good-bye,
I turned aside , "My God", I cried
"You have murdered Henry Joy."