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06-Nov-02 - 09:09 AM
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Good idea Barbara, I'll repeat what I said above. Lyrics follow.

Jesus In The Clouds is not a religious song, but in a way, it's spiritual. It's about, um, eccentric women who live alone, just a bit off to the side of the road. All the women described are, or were, real. I know them all and I'm in there, too. When it gets really cold, I always hope they have a warm place to stay. The words fell out in rapid order on just such a cold night a few years ago.

Jesus In The Clouds
By Giac

She saw Jesus in some clouds in Oklahoma,
And Elvis crossing Texas on a train.
She sees her Mama's face in every flower.
She keeps her fingers crossed and prays for rain.

The voices, she says, are all around us,
It won't be long til Mama calls us home.
Daddy, he won't care if you come with me,
But I'll ask him, if you want, next time he phones.

She picks up strays like goats and dogs and kittens,
Who go with her across the country wide,
In a wagon pulled by two old bay mares,
But they always make it home by wintertime.

When she was young, she heard of Ferlinghetti,
With his junked out men and naked horseback queens.
She saw him and Rexroth in some cellar,
And it led her stifled mind to Manisfree.


She has a cabin down along the river,
And says a spaceship landed in her yard.
Aliens talk to her in the popcorn,
They tell her why her years go by so hard.

She has her pride and won't accept a favor,
Or she lives on welfare, barely getting by,
But she's got a thousand stashed out in the henhouse,
To bury her real nice … when she dies.


(guitar through verse and chorus, then…)

She saw Jesus in some clouds in Oklahoma


She sees her Mama's face in every flower … (fade)