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Posted By: sharyn
06-Nov-02 - 03:08 PM
Thread Name: DTStudy: Hot Ash-Pelt (Hot Asphalt)
Subject: RE: DTStudy: Hot Ash-Pelt (Hot Asphalt)
This may not be much help to scholars: I sing a version of this and can no longer remember where I learned it -- I lived in Dublin in 1977-1978 and may well have heard it there, or learned it off some recording that I no longer remember. I'm not much for songbooks, keeping these things in my head, but it has a variation on the first verse someone mentioned and the words to the last verse are somewhat different, too. For what it's worth:

The Hot Ashphelt

Good evenin' to you fellas, and I'm glad to see you well,
If you gather all around me then a story I will tell,
For I've a situation and a very pleasant job
And I'm tellin' you that my weekly wage is nineteen bob.
It's twelvemonths come October since I came to Camden town
And I dearly wish my boots could walk on decent Irish ground:
I wears a gansey sweater and around me waist a belt,
I'm the gaffer of the boys that makes the hot ashphelt.

You may talk about your soldiers and your sailors and the rest,
Tinkers, tailors and shoemakers, but we please the ladies best,
For the devil a one can always make their greasy hearts to melt
Like the boys around the boiler making hot ashphelt

Then by and come a polisman -- I think he's called McGuire --
And without so much as a by-your-leave he sits down at our fire
Says he, "You Tipperary ones, you always play the goat"
So we shoved him into the hot ashphelt and scrubbed him down with soap.
With the rubbin' and the scrubbin' sure, he'll catch his death of cold
For scientific purposes his body will be sold
In the Birmingham Museum he'll be hangin' from a belt
As a monument to the Irish makin' hot ashphelt.