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Posted By: Jeri
07-Nov-02 - 08:45 AM
Thread Name: Mudcat CD Series: Violet
Subject: RE: Mudcat CD Series: Violet
I love you too, Mick

I should have posted "Why We Sing" in the Orchid thread because that's the CD it's on.

This CD has -

© 2002 Jeri Corlew

At the end of the day
There are no words to say
And despair fills my heart - all is lost, all is gone
And the laughter of years
Ends in silence and tears
For you've gone on the wings of a song
How I sang for you then
Said farewell to a friend
Now I walk through a world that feels strange, somehow wrong
Empty room, empty save
The life you lived and love you gave
And memory of the wings of a song

Through the dark, lonely night
There is still guiding light
From the moon, from the stars, from the hope in my heart
And my love shows the way
Out of dark into day
Afraid to fall, I still make a start
And my spirit takes flight
Rises into the night
Meek at first, building power as the song rolls along
And I know, down the years
Past the grief, past the tears
You will live on the wings of a song

Borne on wings made of song
Spirits bright, spirits strong
High and free like the wind, dancing fearless at dawn
And I know you're near
In my voice it's you I hear
And you come on the wings of a song
So I sing to the sky
And my spirit will fly
High and free like the wind, dancing fearless at dawn
While I live, while I sing
While these notes rise and ring
Spirits soar on the wings of a song

I wrote the tune as a lament for Mick and his friend Jim, who passed minutes after Mick sang "The Parting Glass" for him in his hospital room. The words came later. I tried hard to write the song for someone else and, in the end, it wasn't going to come unless I wrote it for myself.

This one's for Vaughn Ward