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Posted By: Little Hawk
07-Nov-02 - 11:34 AM
Thread Name: BS: Shania Twain
Subject: RE: BS: Shania Twain
Shania is pretty well known in Ontario, Canada, since she hails from a small north Ontario town, and I know at least one person who came out of the same school she did, and has met her on numerous occasions at school reunions and such. What all these people agree on (those who've actually met her, I mean...and grown up in the same town) is that Shania is a very nice, unpretentious person, very likeable. She is extremely popular in the town where she grew fact she's the local hero.

Now, I agree entirely with the criticisms expressed above as to how the industry has marketed her! Entirely. The pop music industry is crap, and they misuse and abuse everything they touch. They are constantly on the lookout for beautiful young women whom they can market like soft-porn stars to an obliging public who will go out and buy CD's full of essentially meaningless, overproduced love songs.

None of this is Shania's fault. In fact, you could say that she has become the victim of it. She could do the Sinead O'Connor thing, be a total rebel, and defy them by not playing the game the way they want...OR....she could just walk away from it all and abandon her career. What would you do in her position? I don't get the impression she is a rebellious person by nature.

Once you're on that roller coaster, folks, it is not so easy to get off. Fame imprisons people, while offering them substantial inducements to remain imprisoned.

Consider the case of Winona Ryder, who has just gone through far more hassle over a shoplifting charge than the average shoplifter ever would...and who is clearly no threat to society, but probably was suffering from a severe depression at the time and not thinking rationally (she has a history of depression).

I consider the kind of music Shania does as catchy...but vapid. I consider Shania herself to be a very nice, harmless person in an unusual situation.

- LH