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08-Nov-02 - 11:51 AM
Thread Name: Mudcat CD Series: Violet
Subject: RE: Mudcat CD Series: Violet
Here are the lyrics to "Joe Whitaker." Performance is by my former band "Out of the Rain" recorded in 1989 for our second cassette "Song of the Wage Slave." Band member Marla Fibish wrote a melody for Don West's poem (it was originally titled "A-Trompin") and turned the second verse into a chorus.

For more information about Don West, click here

Words by Don West, melody by Marla Fibish © 1989

Where ya been, Joe Whitaker
A-trompin all around
What are you cravin now, Joe
Are ya gonna settle down

Ever think on the olden days
The laurel by the spring
Ever see the mossy mill
Or hear the river sing

What ya seen, Joe Whittaker
In the big world outside
Trompin 'round in your cities
And places far and wide

Oh I've seen the world, Ellen
And still trompin on
Seen a mighty ocean blue, now
And Kings upon their throne

What ya seen, Ellen Lee
With your eyes of blue-grey
Ever change your smilin face, now
Or graceful girlish ways

Oh I've waited long for you, Joe
Many a lonesome year
Knitin socks and hoein corn, Joe
While wishin you were here

Oh, I'm waitin now for you, Joe
Nigh the old mossy mill
You'll find me deep a-sleepin
In the graveyard on the hill