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Posted By: Mooh
08-Nov-02 - 12:45 PM
Thread Name: Mudcat CD Series: Violet
Subject: RE: Mudcat CD Series: Violet
All The Day was recorded live to digital tape in the living room of one of the band members in 1995. The band then was known as Homespun and now as Kerrykeel. The cd is titled Eight Hands Round. Virtually no other technology was involved other than during mixing and printing bulk cds. The group has not recorded since, and has substantially changed membership, though I still hang in there.

Lead vocal and pennywhistle by Dave Armour.

Octave mandolin by Mike Reynolds.

Button accordion by Warren Robinson.

Guitar by Mike Crocker.

(Other band members not on that tune but all over the rest of the cd are Earl Salter, Eleanor Robinson, John Hindley, and Kathi Urbasik-Hindley.)

The cd liner notes say this about All The Day: "All The Day" was inspired by the failure of the East Coast Fishery and the subsequent human tragedy. Trying to imagine myself in the boots of the affected, I drew inspiration from my own family's love, just as similar love sustains the fisherman."

Original production credit goes to Warren and Eleanor Robinson, engineered by Travis Teed, and recorded at Caledonia Stonehill Productions (now a digital studio, but then Warren's living room). Original cover art by Linda Wiebe...I wish I could reproduce it here as it's lovely...if you've seen the Goderich Celtic Roots Festival posters over the years you've seen her work.

Factory's closing, fish stocks failing
Now the family's choosing sides
U.I. falling, welfare calling
As if the crown will provide

chorus: There's no other in my mind
Even my brother's of my kind
Still you stay, all the day

Cheques are bouncing, banks foreclosing
And the pawnshops are all smiles
Children growing, still unknowing
And it's snowing all the while

Mother nature, father time
Invite us all to the fold
Pacify us, mollify us
And we'll do as we're told

I hate the poverty, but I'll take the charity
Got no stomach for the crime
You have shown me prosperity
In a love that is mine

Words and music by Mike Crocker (Mooh).