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Posted By: GUEST,Taliesn
08-Nov-02 - 02:10 PM
Thread Name: Welcome New Member: LIBERTARIAN
Subject: RE: Welcome New Member: LIBERTARIAN
"Anyhow to find out what a libertarian is go to and you will learn that you have nothing to fear but everything to gain from us Libertarians. "

Well , speaking for myself , I know enough about the Libertarian
platform after over 10 years of hearing their symposiums and their Political candidates ( in particular their presidential candidate Brown ) to be more than a little put off by your using this forum for what is apparently a Jehovah's Witness-style of party promotion ( ie: here's some of our material so you can learn more about us ).
And before one is tempted to counter my promoting of C-Span as license to do the same for Libertarians or Greens or Scientologists or Paganists or what-have-you may I first mention that I promote C-Span expressly because it takes *no* side while consistantly providing uniterupted broadcast forums for *all* sides. Yet, in doing so I never presented ,let alone advocated anyone , go to it's website.

Bottomline: I don't give a damn about your prosletising the Libertarian-branded literature ,online or otherwise , but I *do*
appreciate what you *yourself* think without the benefit of someone else's pre-agendaed , pre-committee written propaganda. I believe many of the *free-thinkers* here would far more want your Libertarianism to speak through you in your own positions taken on any of the issues you are free to join in on.

So , speaking for myself , you'll get a lot more rspect for your opinion when you ex[ress it as your own *made-up mind* and not with your chosen party's label and literature at the ready.
Just some freindly advice , you would be giving *free-thought*
less of a bad name if you actually applied it. Trust that enough of us already know how to do searches for ourselves.

On that note ,welcome....but you're now on secret probation ;-)