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Posted By: libertarian
08-Nov-02 - 06:59 PM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: For the Godless March on Washington
Subject: RE: Lyr Req: For the Godless March on Washington
Godless America

God-less America
Land that we love.
Standing by her, we'll guide her
Living life without help from above
Free from every superstition
Free from masters on their throne.
God-less America,
My mind's my own,
God-less America,
My home sweet home.

There this is the rewritten one I have, the original just says free from bible superstitions, but I feel godlessness is free from every superstition. Also there is another thread about the good the march did, if nothing else it made us who attended the event feel good and after all isn't that all that matters, is that the persons who attended the event feel good about themselves? If we all took the attitude that what we do does no good, nothing would ever get done. I for one am looking forward to the next godless march, as it will be even bigger than this one. I am also hoping to help create a true godless America, because a belief in a superior being only hurts!!!! Let's hear it for godlessness.