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Posted By: Justa Picker
08-Nov-02 - 09:12 PM
Thread Name: Eric Clapton Signature Martin - GREAT!
Subject: RE: Eric Clapton Signature Martin - GREAT!
Average "street" price on a good used, OOO-28EC is between $1850 and $2000 (U.S.) Standard rate (40% off list) on a brand new one in and around the Toronto area is around $3,650 - $3,750.00 (CDN).

The OOO-28H (discontinued but still available) is a much better value (subtract a 1000 dollars from the EC) and has a more open sound, due to a slight variation in the scalloping. (Who needs the signature anyway?)

And L.H., that stuff the dealer in Bracebridge told you about the action being high to do with the way Clapton liked his set up, is pure, unadulterated, uninformed horse pocky. Most Martins leaving the factory as set up fairly high to begin with and most require a setup and action adjustment.

You wanna learn more about Martins just visit this place.