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Posted By: Little Hawk
08-Nov-02 - 09:27 PM
Thread Name: Eric Clapton Signature Martin - GREAT!
Subject: RE: Eric Clapton Signature Martin - GREAT!
Hey, thanks, Justa! I strongly suspected that the guy was making up that stuff about the high action (which was WAY high), and that it was as you say "pure, unadulterated, uninformed horse pocky". LOL!

The only store I know north of Toronto where they don't make up phony stuff like that is the Arts Music in Newmarket, where they seem to be very honest and well-informed (and helpful!). At least, that's been my experience so far.

At Precision Music you've almost got to sign a customs declaration to play one of their guitars, unless they figure you're a real veteran (they obviously figured I was...they were quite helpful...but I see how they treat many of their other customers...COLD shoulder). I don't like that attitude in a guitar store. You've gotta play a lot of guitars if you're gonna think about buying one. When I go to the Arts I play a whole bunch of guitars, without any problem about it whatsoever...they are a friendly store.

Now, the 00028H...that's interesting. Same basic thing, but with herringbone purfling, is it? And $1,000 less??? Hmmmmm. I may take a trip to Toronto and see. Where would I find one, do you think? 12th Fret? Or?

I'm off to check out that site!

- LH