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Posted By: Night Owl
09-Nov-02 - 12:06 AM
Thread Name: Mudcat CD Series: Orchid
Subject: RE: Mudcat CD Series: Orchid
I sure hope Alison, Alan, Amos and Paul review the following and correct/edit/add/delete etc.   THANK you guys for doing it AND a thanks to all the other unmentioned Mudcatters who helped!

I'm assuming Henry Thomas wrote "Fishin' Blues"...anyone know for sure??

"Maxie's Mudcat Blues" was conceived in the HearMe (old PalTalk) song swap room Mudcatters had on the internet. It continues to amaze most of us, that we can hear acoustic musicians from around the globe, taking turns sharing their at a

We thought how much fun it would be, if we had the technology, to sing the same song, somehow, at the same time and give it to Max as a "thank-you for Mudcats" present.

There were many Mudcatters from around the globe who wanted to participate (initially from 15 different countries), but a combination of life, logistical and computor problems prevented it. Our final result was given to Max during his Birthday Radio Show in 2001.

The tune we used is "Fishin Blues" made popular by Taj Mahal. (A search in our database shows the song also recorded by Henry Thomas in 1928.)

Paul did the HARD work, which included recording a master track on guitar to set the rythym, and then mixing the sound files together when he received them.

First verse from West Coast,USA
   Lyrics,guitar and vocal: Amos Jessup

Well, folks, let me tell you people 'bout a place I stay
On the WWW line
There's a gent out
there from old PA
Built a site that's awful fine.
Now old Maxie Spiegel said, "Ya gotta know,
I'm gonna build me a place for the Folkies to go."
Mudcat town is the place to go.
Thanks to Mister Spiegel
He even made it legal!
Maxie Spiegel's Mudcat show!

2nd Verse (and Instrument break) from Australia and Canada:
Lyrics and Vocal: Alan of Oz
Guitar: Paul(Musicman),
Harp and Whistle: alison ("the faire one")

The Mudcat Website is a place of wonder
As every Aussie folky knows
The length and breadth of the land down under
The place where every folky goes
Now Mudcat's known around the world because
It's the best folk forum that ever was
It even has members from Iceland to Oz
Thanks to Mister Spiegel!
He even made it legal!
Maxie Spiegel's Mudcat show!

3rd verse (and Instrument break) from West Coast, Canada and
East Coast,USA.
Lyrics-Amos Jessup;
Vocal and Guitar-Paul(Musicman),
Autoharp-Night Owl

Now, baby if it's blues that are on your mind
Mudcat is the thing for you!
Just browse on over to the Mudcat sign
And find yourself a clicky blue.
You can pull up the blues 'til the cows come home
And run down the threads 'til your blues are gone.
Mudcat town is the place to go!
Thanks to Mister Spiegel !
He even made it legal!
Maxie Spiegel's Mudcat show!

4th verse from British Columbia, Canada.
Lyrics-Amos Jessup
Guitar and Vocal-Paul(Musicman)

If you wanna know the story of the farmer's wife
Or the chords to "Buddy Have You Got A Dime?"
Just come on down, and you bet your life,
You'll get you an answer in record time.
No use moaning, or feelin' blue,
Cause you can be a folkie too!
Mudcat town is the place to go!
Thanks to Mister Spiegel!
He even made it legal !
Maxie Spiegel's
Mudcat show!