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Posted By: JohnInKansas
09-Nov-02 - 04:28 AM
Thread Name: BS: Cat Food
Subject: RE: BS: Cat Food
The three cats who own my spouse thrived for at least a year or so on Purina cat chow only, but when one of them started staying out late at night (sometimes for a couple of nights) it was obvious that some neighbor had taken pity on the "poor hungry little terrorists" and was feeding them.

To keep them at home, she started stuffing them with canned "real food." Since I do most of the bulk shopping, I usually get whatever is the cheapest, bring them home and "randomize" the cans so they'll have some variety, and stack them in the cupboard above their "dining space."

Despite the spouses insistence that "they won't eat ...." (fill in a different kind about every three days) I find that if she's away, I can skip one feeding, and they think that anything they're served at the next feeding is delicious.

Although they're mostly indifferent to "kitty treats" like catnip (probably due to massive overdose at tender ages) the one thing that two of the three will aggressively attack for - is the TetraMin Tropical Flake fish food I feed to the gouramis. If I don't put a little down for them to munch on, it's almost impossible to feed the fish. The cats will attempt to climb the glass sides of the aquarium to knock the container out of my hands to get at it.

Maybe with a little repackaging and a good marketing campaign...(?)