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Posted By: libertarian
09-Nov-02 - 05:37 AM
Thread Name: Welcome New Member: LIBERTARIAN
Subject: RE: Welcome New Member: LIBERTARIAN
Ok mrrzy told me this is a music forum and informed me that you would like to know what kind of music I enjoy. The main type of music I listen to is rock, I don't care what kind of rock, I love most music that calls itself rock. Especially metal, oldies, classic, the music rock-rap, in other words anything that is head-banging music. I've been listening to rock all my life, and I guess I will listen to it for the rest of my life as I don't think my tastes will ever change. I also agree with Mary Garvey above in that I have the attitude of live and let live. I try not to pessimistic about anything, and I am hoping to leave this world in much better shape than I found it, unfortuantely the D's and R's are doing a much better job worsening the situation than the L's ever will. I for one would like to leave our children with no debt to pay off, not mortgage their future for a despotic government that claims to only want to help us and make things better the way they see it, when all they succeed in is taking away more of our liberties and freedoms. I firmly believe in the spirit this country was founded upon, and wisdom of our forefathers, not the wisdom of the current ilk in power because the current ilk in power only want to force us to live as they see fit and not let us live our lives as we see fit. Thank you again mrrzy for the introduction to this group, and I will try to only be a positive influence here.