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Posted By: Alice
09-Nov-02 - 04:25 PM
Thread Name: Sitting Or Standing
Subject: RE: Sitting Or Standing
Good topic. It is easier to breath deeply when your body is straight (not sitting). I remember when you posted that memory of the workshop and someone (Don Firth maybe?) responded with describing different opera roles where the singer has to sing while lying down or sitting or whatever.

If you're not performing a character and have a choice of whether to stand or sit for a performance, I say... it depends. If you are in a session type situation everyone will be sitting to play. You can then stand up to sing a solo or keep sitting. If you're on a stage it depends on how well it looks presenting yourself to the audience, sitting or standing. I've gotten used to sitting because I go to a session twice a week, but if I'm going to perform in a situation where I'm not playing an instrument, I prefer to stand. I like to walk around a bit and engage the listeners. If it's a small intimate circle, it feels better to sit, just moving to the edge of the chair to let the breath support be easier. A big stage, standing.