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Posted By: Don Firth
09-Nov-02 - 04:27 PM
Thread Name: Sitting Or Standing
Subject: RE: Sitting Or Standing
I don't have a helluva lot of choice, actually. I had polio when I was two years old and walked with aluminum forearm crutches. I could sing standing up, but if I tried to play the guitar too, I'd have to set the crutches aside, in which case there would be an excellent chance that I'd fall on my keister.

Way back in the mists of antiquity, my first voice teacher, Edna Bianchi (retired Metropolitan Opera soprano), said that as long as I "sit tall," it should have no effect on my singing. After all, opera singers have to sing while doing all kinds of weird stuff. Example: Violetta, dying of "consumption" (La Traviata), sings her big final act aria while lying in bed and coughing up a lung.

I'm in a wheelchair now, and the voice still seems pretty strong.

Don Firth