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Posted By: The Pooka
09-Nov-02 - 06:20 PM
Thread Name: Welcome New Member: LIBERTARIAN
Subject: RE: Welcome New Member: LIBERTARIAN
A belated welcome to Libertarian from a Recovering Republican & now beDamned Dimmycrat. / Your political & musical preferences sound most interesting, L. Both are still rock & roll to us.

I think you'll find the preponderant politics around here are on your side "socially" --against government intrusion on personal private behavior, especially re morals, religion, drugs, etc. -- but watch out for the 2nd Amendment issues & health-related stuff like smoking; there, we're not so sure about this Individual Freedom business; a foolish consistency is the not the hobgoblin of OUR small minds, O no!

On foreign policy, we have plenty of Peaceniks, who should like Libertarian anti-interventionism (not to say Isolationism)(I TOLD you not to say "Isolationism"! :)

But on Economics: good luck selling pure unregulated Capitalism here, buddy. Laissez-les-faires temps roulez. :) On those issues, you're in a nest of Statists, kid. Prepare to do positive & friendly battle.

A Libertarian activist in my state gave me his wonderful self-satirical platform summary on a business card: "We demand the abolition of practically everything; we call for drastic reductions in everything else; and we refuse to pay for what's left over." You guys are good guys, sez I. Otherwordly, yes; but good. And I know of no other party in this country that is philosophically *consistent*.

Full disclosure: I work for the Enemy. Government. State level. Field of Elections Administration. But, you don't need to Privatize---or I should say, Divest---us. Our product is already sold to the highest bidder. / (btw you guys had candidates on our ballot in CT last Tuesday, and you did pretty well. Well y'know: considering. :) / Look forward to chatting with ya.