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Posted By: dorareever
09-Nov-02 - 07:46 PM
Thread Name: Sitting Or Standing
Subject: RE: Sitting Or Standing
Uusally if I'm at home practicing I sit down because I'm lazy,but everytime I start doing it standing up is better,so if I have to perform I try to do it standing up.Is better.Not only for the voice,but the guitar as well.I play better standing up,don't know what it is.But I have this weird thing of putting all my weight on a single foot so it's a little tiring and that's why I usually sit down in everyday (not anymore,I don't practice very much in these days,when I was at the basic learning of things I did,now I just try no to rust)practice.
Odd dream I had about singing...I wanted to sing for a friend who had a group,and I did it and he said "nah,you sing too loud,we want confidential crooning here,no loud voices" ha! "Yeah,at least I don't need a thousand microphones!!" *lol* It was kind of a funny dream,and with a little link to reality as well...but I need a microphone of course ;)