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Posted By: Mrrzy
11-Nov-02 - 04:30 PM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: For the Godless March on Washington
Subject: RE: Lyr Req: For the Godless March on Washington
Bill, the only coverage I saw post-gathering was in the Washington Post, where we got the half of p. 3 in Metro, above the fold. We were not relegated to the Religion section nor was there any commentary therein thereupon, unfortunately.

Despite no media pre-gathering paper anything, only Internet, we got about 2-3000 demonstrators/marchers and, they said, about 60 people brandishing what seemed to me to be mostly my-god-hates-you banners. Their banners were big, and they looked way more organized than we were.

The Atheist Alliance was handing out signs so I got one that said E Pluribus Unum, which I traded with a comarcher for Uppity Atheists Unite, as the spirit struck each of us. My favorite sign: What our schools need is a moment of SCIENCE. Other good ones included Don't Pray In My School And I Won't Think In Your Church, One Nation Under God = Afghanistan/Iran etc., Falwell=Taliban... Libertarian, you were there, what else was there?

We had some very good speakers. There was the woman running the show who said it was high time to form some kind of political action thingie and get our voices out there, after all there are approx. 10x as many atheists/people of no religion as there are jewish people in this country, not to mention (naming all the protestants we outnumber, like Episcopalians), as well as the Wiccans and others whom the right doesn't consider religious enough anyway... there was a pediatrician who was tired of his patients dying while their parents prayed. There was a soldier who was tired of hearing about their being no atheists in foxholes (which I think is taken out of context here) and who asked for thoughts but please no prayers for our wo/men in uniform today. There was a woman whose sister preferred trying to live a secular, intelligent life in a theocracy rather than emigrating and, after beating her head against that particular brick wall, immolated herself. Burned herself to death while conscious. I am not that political, but then again, I'm already here.

The general points that seemed to need to be made were made: There are a lot of us (aka there are a lot more of us than you think), We should not put up with the denial of that any longer / We should come out of the closet, and We are not by definition immoral. Those are the positive points.

The negative points about the dangers of religion were also made, but fittingly, were not stressed: failure to believe in the supernatural is not unintelligent in the face of modern knowledge, that the name of gods more horrors are committed upon people who speak the names of other gods than have hitherto been attempted in human history, and so on.

Why do I say that it was fitting? This was the march of the godless, not the anti-god-brandishing.

Plus, it was so much FUN! We had a beautiful day, we were reasoned and interested in each other and argued from the brain, and it was uplifting as all getout. Thousands of like-minded intelligent and, unfortunately I thought, lilywhite group. Diverse we were not, unless you count age, socioeconomic status, and gender. There were people from 5 months to what looked like 500 years old, with and without piercings, with and without unusual length/amount of hair, with and without makeup or jewelry or ironing... but I saw hardly anybody whose main continent of ancestry wasn't Europe.