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11-Nov-02 - 08:33 PM
Thread Name: 'Cat CD contributors, please read this
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Notes for Engine 33 Words Lorcan Otway tune traditional... feel free to edit this down...
I have never taken firefighters for granted. I have seen them do heroic things since I was a child. My song "Engine 33" is about more than the heroism we all witnessed in New York a month ago, it is about men and women who have faced hell for us from the dawn of civil history.
On September 18th, seven days after this grievous loss of life, I thought I might do something to raise the spirits of our local firefighters. Engine 33, Ladder 9, on Great Jones Street had lost 10 out of the 40 members of their company. I took my uilleann pipes, and a friend Artie took his fiddle, and we went over to the firehouse, late at night, to play a few jigs and hornpipes.When I brought the song to the firehouse, the firefighters told me about the men who died. They began with the nicknames, "Four Dings," "Tugboat," "Guru," etc. They told me about the little things the guys did, one who carried dog bones in his pocket for every dog he met. They told me about the practical jokes they all played on each other. It reminded me of what was said at the memorial, that over 300 firefighters did not die, but one firefighter died over 300 times.
They also told me of what it was like for them in the World Trade Center as they did their job.
I have to admit, that I always watch a fire engine pass, with a prayer of hope for its crew, but now, I can't keep walking. I have to stop and watch as they pass, a knot in my throat, and wonder at the courage and dedication.