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Posted By: Dave Bryant
12-Nov-02 - 07:18 AM
Thread Name: Sitting Or Standing
Subject: RE: Sitting Or Standing
When I first saw this thread, I wondered if it was a sexist one - see here.

Seriously though:-

It all depends on what, where, and how long I'm playing. If I'm just doing a short spot - especially unaccompanied, I'll stand. If I'm playing tunes in a band, I'll sit (on a chair without armrests). If I'm doing a long singing spot, I prefer a barstool - although I always stand for many songs which need a bit of acting (ie Sweeney Todd).

If you're not using a PA, then generally the higher (physically) that you are, the better your voice/guitar will carry across a room. Also of course, it is much easier to breath and sing when you're standing - I once had to sing a big operatic aria sitting - and believe me it was hard work.