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Posted By: Banjer
28-May-99 - 04:52 PM
Thread Name: BillD and ferrara
Subject: RE: BillD and ferrara
I'll 'fess up. I believe I probably hold the record for number of cameras destroyed. My magnificent countenace is just more than mere mortal equipments can handle, I suppose. Perhaps if you were to install a filtering device of some sort to control the radiant qualities it may help to be able to view it without doing permanent damage, much like observing a solar eclipse through a special lens! All who gaze upon me are left speechless it seems. BillD reported that he tried putting my picture on the garbage can to repel bugs, as I suggested, but all it did was attract the little critters; even they know majestic qualities when they see them!

Gawd, somebpdy bring me a stool and a pair of boots, it sure is gettin' deep in here!