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Posted By: Musicman
13-Nov-02 - 12:45 AM
Thread Name: Mudcat CD Series: Strawberry
Subject: RE: Mudcat CD Series: Strawberry
ok Amos.... here goes....

Blue-Eyed Mountain Maid
Words/Music.. Bill STaines

Walking down the road, the autumn rain is falling
driving hard and cold against his hair.
The trees have lost their leaves, the wild birds are calling
Winging on their way to anywhere.

He remembers how her golden hair did flow,
He remembers how the summer wind did blow
In the morning when he sat within the shade
All alone with the blue-eyed mountain maid.

Beneath the summer skies, the fields were green and growing,
The purple flowers were blooming in the glade.
"As long as these remain, mylove for you in growing."
This promise he gave to the mountain maid

He remembers........

But promises undone can pave the way to sorrow,
And words alone can't make the flowers grow;
What looks like love today may have another face tomorrow;
As quickly as it comes, you watch it go.

And now he wanders lost and all alone
Beneath the mountain trails he used to roam
A fool in the foolish game he played
For the love of a blue-eyed mountain maid.