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Posted By: clansfolk
13-Nov-02 - 01:44 PM
Thread Name: Live Recording Advice
Subject: RE: Live Recording Advice
If you take the stage box output to 8 track (hard or mini disc - tape dodgy!!) recorder with an sound engineer to balance it, the stereo output can then be fed to your in house system - that mix will be no problem (should be mono anyhow (can't stand inhouse stereo only the chap sat in the middle of the hall is happy with the mix!)) and once the overall volume in-house is ok you won't need a second man on this as the overall volume can be altered from the recorder.

Although there will be bleed over in the recording from one mike to another (especially those who are singing and playing - if the man on the desk does his job proper there should be enough room to rebalance any bad bits in the final mix.

Live recordings are never "that good" no ones perfect when live - we rely on multi takes in the studio to "try" and make it apear that way, and you'll notice many errors in the recording when played back but this maybe what you're looking for - that "live" feel.

I have made several recordings for "special events" this way and although the final copy was good for what it was it mainly appealed to those who were there or taking part - you cant record sight, feel, smell and atmosphere on a CD (yet)

It can be done but remember don't expect too much - and don't blame the sound engineer! he can only do so much.....