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Posted By: Liz the Squeak
13-Nov-02 - 07:11 PM
Thread Name: never mind the buzzcocks
Subject: RE: never mind the buzzcocks
Yes, I have indeed carried that very same Lions 'ed on a stick through Tranno (Toronto) Customs, wrapped in a very large cardboard box with the pole sticking out.

Customs officer: "What's in the bax maaam?"

Me: "Lions' 'ed on a stick"

CO; "Beg yer pardon maaam?"

Me: "It's a lions' 'ed on a stick"

CO; "Now listen maaam, don't traa to be funny, what's in the bax?"

Me; "I'm not being funny, it's a lions' 'ed, on a stick".

CO; (ringing bell for assistance and backing off nervously) "Open the bax maaam, Reeeeeeeeaal slow!"

We spent 10 mins unwrapping and unpacking the box......

CO; "OK maaam, it is a lions' heyad onna stick.... just one questchin maam.... why?"

There then followed a long and involved answer about morris dancing and beasts. I still don't think they got it....

The team were Albion Morris, and even more scary, at least 2 of those dancers are still dancing with the team now!