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Posted By: Wolfgang
14-Nov-02 - 04:57 AM
Thread Name: Beauty Queens & Women's Rights in Nigeria
Subject: RE: Beauty Queens & Women's Rights in Nigeria
Of course, I was for this boykott immediately when I read about it, last but not least for I consider beauty pageants in general completely unnecessary. Now, after having read more, I'm less sure I'm for the boykott.

The very strange bedfellows who are for the boykott are the North Nigerian Muslim fundamentalists, the very same who give those sentences of stoning women for the sole reason of giving birth out of wedlock. They have declared they'd be pleased if the boycott would be successfull.

Ms. Armina Laval, one of the sentenced women, has asked the beauty queens to cancel the boykott for two reasons:
(1) Everything that angers the fundamentalist Mullahs pleases that part of the population who do not want to give in to every whim of the fundamentalists (stopping a beauty contest at their wish is one first step, accepting stoning sentences comes further down the road)
(2) International publicity during the pageant may be more helpful for the fight of South Negeria against Islamic law than a boykott.

As so often, a second glance at a complicated situation provides a less unambiguous picture.

Should we really support doing what the Mullahs want in order to protest against them? I don't know.

Five beauty queens by the present count are still willing to boycott.