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Posted By: Mick Lowe
14-Nov-02 - 05:44 PM
Thread Name: corruption of the former beatles by women
Subject: RE: thecorruption of the former beatles by w
We have no claim into the private life of any star or celebrity be it music. film or otherwise.. they have as much right to live there lives the way they want just as you and me do... having got that off my chest, I don't think any ex-beatle would/will amount to anything on their own.. if you take a rational view at anything any of them has ever done whilst balancing it with the whole spectrum of world music, I don't think you could really say it was anything to write home about. All the hype surrounding anything they did or will do (well Paul and Ringo that is cos there's no one else left).. is because there were the Beatles... just like that over hyped no talent Elvis.. they sell more when they are dead.. and let's face it.. the majority of the tunes they wrote as the "Beatles" are shite.. we today sneer at the so called manufactured pop groups that are all the rage.. the Beatles and Elvis were the first ones.. why we ever give them credit for anything I don't know