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Posted By: NicoleC
15-Nov-02 - 11:39 AM
Thread Name: Live Recording Advice
Subject: RE: Live Recording Advice
Hi Ralphie,

Interesting idea on the mic splitters. Unfortunately, it would skip any pre-processing like EQ for silibants and popping frequencies, etc. Some of those things can't be "fixed in the mix." You're stuck, unless you use splitters to go a separate console. Two small consoles could be cheaper to rent than one bigger one; not a bad idea there.

I think it would be easier, though, to use just the console if your console can handle it. For example:

Mono recording, mix to tape: use one of the monitor sends to tape, the other for monitors, the two outputs for the house
Stereo recording - On a x4 console, use two outputs to mix to tape, and two for stereo house.
Multi-track recording: use the outputs (4, 8, etc.) to go to tape, and the sends for mono house and monitors.

Have fun experimenting, Barbara. Hope you get your new toy :)

From what you've been saying, I'm starting to think that the recording that would be most "you" would be the 5 of you in a nice, very quiet, slightly-reflective room, stereo miking, and just record straight to tape or minidisc. Finding the right room will be the hard part, but experimentation would be very cheap. Effects and fancy mixing are nice and done well can make you sound a lot better, but if you are trying to recreate something akin to traditional presentation, that'll be most like the "fly on the wall" experience of the CW Era.