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Posted By: GUEST,JohnB
15-Nov-02 - 12:37 PM
Thread Name: Live Recording Advice
Subject: RE: Live Recording Advice
Lots of good pointers above, mine for what they are worth. If your band are totally used to the one mike technique, don't suddenly change to individual mikes. You will find people are used to moving around, swinging from side to side, whatever, it won't work with individual microphones, you wil get significant changes in both volume and timbre due to the proximity effect. Minidiscs are great, PZM's should be too for your type of group. As would be a couple of good condenser microphones. I think if you mix the board sound with a couple of PZM's you may get something close to what you are looking for. Record as many tracks from as many ways as you can at the same time, it's easier than trying to fix something later. If you are used to performing with one mike, balance should not be an overall problem, as you will already be used to compensating to achieve the balance you are looking for. If you get the minidisc it'e really easy to hear alot of problems you can fix in practise before you get into the recording situation. Good Luck.