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Posted By: Gareth
15-Nov-02 - 07:30 PM
Thread Name: BS: Possible Hull/Terrorism Link Exposed!
Subject: RE: BS: Possible Hull/Terrorism Link Exposed!
Warning - The so called Jaccuzzi has been known to contain :-

A High tension electrical wire.

A shoal of Pirannaha ( Virtual)

A King Cobra or two. ( Again virtual)

And Oakley

Can some kind persom provide me with a pound or so of virtual Semtex and a working detonator - I am afraid that since the demise of the mining industry here in South Wales my usual supplies of black powder, colliery grade explosives and detonators have become unavailable.

NB Tweed sggested that he could spare a "Water Moccasion" or two, I think that they would be more comfortable in the Jacuzzi than a King Cobra whilst they await a suitable target.

Hmm ???, just a thought can any catter from OZ scan me a Taipan, and send the file ??? Or perhaps one of your nastier jelly fishes ???