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Posted By: fogie
18-Nov-02 - 06:50 AM
Thread Name: Obit: Myra Hindely
Subject: RE: Obit: Myra Hindely
Do you all recognise the person you were 36yrs ago?
What is a life sentence for, but time for reflection on what has been done, and what you can do about that unchangeable fact?
Who creates the mind of an aberrant? themselves, their upbringing, their society, genetics, chance?? God ?
Assuming for argument there is no God how would you deal with something that you have done wrong? Can you, and do you want to make amends' are you able to in prison?
Who can know what a person in prison really thinks, and what their motives are?
What does the public seem to "need" icons of "evil" for? They are surely very important to us psychologically, for I certainly seem to carry round more sinners than saints for my reflection.
The deviants in society, provoke more complex reflection than do the good. I put this down in my own case to not having a God to sort things out in the end.
I know the Brady Hindley saga, and such acts repel me ,yet I still look forward to the next Hannibal film, and such things fascinate me. It's almost as if I need to guard myself against such thoughts and use my emotional response to these events as a sounding board of how far into chaos I'd be willing to drift. Presumably this is akin to dreaming, pretend reality at a distance.
I read in the Observer yesterday that Tom Lehrer stopped composing his songs when Henry Kissinger was awarded the Nobel Peace prize "after bombing Cambodia into submission" Murders like Brady's we can sort of cope with and despise, but wars deaths are generally beyond our ken and we see them in another colder more statistical way.
Hindley is gone , she has been punished, I would like to know if and how she came to terms with her deeds... but then if she was able to come to terms, forgive herself, and be forgiven what's to stop us all going outside the bounds of society, whatever that is at a particular date in time. I guess that that's the prospect that scares me.
This and the Crumb thread have been very thought provoking. By posting this i'm trying to understand what I feel about it.