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Posted By: Ireland
18-Nov-02 - 09:47 AM
Thread Name: Obit: Myra Hindely
Subject: RE: Obit: Myra Hindely
If a person truly reflects on their deeds while in jail, would they not come to the conclusion that they did do wrong and deserve to be were they are? It was the potential of what Hindley could do based on her actions in the past that kept her in jail.

When people prove they are a menace to society in particular towards the most precious, children, they deserve to lose their rights to be part of it. Should we blame those who jailed this murderer and those who kept her in jail for protect us from a potential evil? It was Hindley and Brady who proved to the rest of us that they are not fit to be among us.

As for Hindley's spirit that is up to God to handle in whatever way he see's fit,Hindley has said she is going to heaven as she believes in a compassionate and loving God who loves unconditionally. One big flaw in this way of thinking, this woman has forgiven herself has asked God for forgiveness but has she asked it from the families of her victims?