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Posted By: Genie
19-Nov-02 - 01:21 PM
Thread Name: Tech: Finale or Sibelius?
Subject: RE: Tech: Finale or Sibelius?
Coda Music has several different music programs, at different prices (from free up to $600) and with different capabilities.

Has anyone tried "Allegro," their $200 ($170 as upgrade from Notepad, $300 for educators) program. It's supposed to have most of the key features of Finale 2003 (and Overture, QuickTime, etc.)-- e.g., playing from MIDIS, entering music note via an instrument, saving scores as MIDIS, flexibility in creating sheet music, etc. -- but isn't designed for composing symphonies or really complex band arrangements, if I understand it.

Coda also has a cheaper program called "Print Music" that would probably be fine if you didn't want to do MIDIs.

You can download trial versions of several of their programs, but I don't think you can save the files or print anything but the first page from the demo.