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Posted By: Mark Clark
20-Nov-02 - 12:00 AM
Thread Name: Tech: Finale or Sibelius?
Subject: RE: Tech: Finale or Sibelius?
Finale will let you record a two handed performance and display the whole thing as music on a grand staff. You can tell Finale where, on the keyboard, your right and left hand separation will be. You also have the choice of providing the beat by tapping the volume pedal with your foot while playing or just recording the MIDI input and adding the beat afterword. This second technique has the advantage of letting you smooth out the tempo even if the performance was less than perfectly regular. Once the beats have been added to the MIDI input, a single mouse click will start the transcription process.

Without Finale, I think you can still record a MIDI performance using the internal memory of your keyboard (or perhaps a sequencing program) then edit the MIDI file to correct any errors and finally, transfer the MIDI file to your hard drive. Once stored, you can use several different free or sharware programs to convert the MIDI notation into a text-based representation such as ABC and use that to print a score. Keep in mind that I have not done this but I think it would be possible.

      - Mark