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Posted By: Marion
20-Nov-02 - 02:45 AM
Thread Name: Size DOES matter..but flexibility rules!
Subject: RE: Size DOES matter..but flexibility rules!
In terms of our hands' abilities to make chords: we've talked about size and flexibility/dexterity, but the other factor that needs to be considered is strength.

I was at a picking workshop recently and the guy suggested getting a rubber glove (i.e., the yellow gloves used for housework, not latex medical gloves) that's too small, cutting off the fingertips, and wearing it while doing scales and exercises with a view to building up strength. Interesting idea. Has anyone tried this? He claimed it was common among rock guitarists.

Also, while it's clearly valuable to be able to do two jobs with one finger, there's also something to be said for using two fingers to do one job if strength is an issue. For example, with the thumbed Bb that Rick describes in the first post of this thread, I've found that I can make it work by doing the partial barre with middle and ring finger both pushing down. Bends are also a lot easier if you have an extra finger helping.