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Posted By: Rick Fielding
20-Nov-02 - 10:22 PM
Thread Name: Convert your guitar to a Dobro (quickly)
Subject: RE: Convert your guitar to a Dobro (quickly)
Great stuff Tweed!

Michael, unfortunately a custom mini-resonator that pops into the soundhole would be out of position. It has to be under the Bridge and saddle. Check out Tweed's link.

The 12 string capo is verrry simple....I just thought of it, that's all. Put a Shubb or Dunlop C Clamp (Maybe a Kyser, I'm not sure...'cause the Shubbs and Dunlops are 'tension adjustable) on your 12 string at the 2nd fret and REALLY tighten it....MUCH more than you'd normally do. Leave it for a couple of minutes. Take it off and notice where the grooves for the 11th and 9th strings are. (they're the THICK ones) Take a very sharp exacto knife and cut a tiny "V" shaped groove right where each of those strings will go. The groove is exactly the size of this one "v".

Now when you put your capo on the 12 string, the thick strings "sink" into it a bit and you don't have to tighten it as much as you used to. It will then be more in tune. If you have it with the 7th string as well.



PS you can use McGrath's trick up near the 12th fret and get a "Steel Drum" sound.