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Posted By: Ron Olesko
21-Nov-02 - 10:41 AM
Thread Name: Ed McCurdy CDs and LPs
Subject: RE: Ed McCurdy CDs and LPs
My pleasure Campo! I'm glad you enjoy them!   Ed recorded a number of wonderful albums in the late 50's and early 60's, and they sold in decent numbers. That is one reason you will find them on e-bay and in used record stores. E-bay is a great source for find recordings from artists like Ed.

Ed became ill during the mid-60's, and he also suffered from some alcohol problems.   While he overcame these, he was eclipsed and largely forgotten by the folk revival. It is a real tragedy in my view as I think Ed was brillant and deserves more credit then he received. He was incredibly supportive of new artists and was one of the early supporters of Fast Folk (originally the Coop) and Speakeasy. He continued to write and record, some on Folkways and some self-released, and eventually he moved to Novia Scotia.   I consider Ed, as a musician, to be in the same class as Pete Seeger and Dave Van Ronk.

I hope that someone will consider re-issuing his recordings.   To my knowledge, there are only 3 CD's available.   "Naughty and Bawdy" (Ed would have hated that title as he considered his songs erotic, not bawdy) is a cheap compilation of the Dalliance series, there is a re-issue of the Childrens Song on CD, and the best CD issue is the Cowboy Songs from Traditions which is now issued by Fantasy.   I think it is a crime that Blood, Booze and Bones - an album that influenced many artists including Tom Paxton, is not available. I really miss Ed and I hope more people will someday discover his music.

Are any record labels reading this???