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Posted By: Rick Fielding
21-Nov-02 - 12:55 PM
Thread Name: Convert your guitar to a Dobro (quickly)
Subject: RE: Convert your guitar to a Dobro (quickly)
Easily done Peter. But remember......

Never again will hordes of young girls come up to you and say: Oh, Wow...GEORGE MARTIN! I'll sleep with you if you can get me Paul's autograph! OOOOOPS! Sorry, I forgot...Those AREN'T young girls anymore, they're grandmothers!

You'll have to exchange your sophisticated sense of humour for whatever it is that I'VE got!! I don't reccommend it...too hard to explain to people.

You'll actually know FEWER chords in open G and D than you did before!


Some other inventions that I lost interest in once they were done:

A cooking pot with three sections to cook three different vegetables.

A two foot rod with red flag on it that you could swing out to the left from your bicycle to make traffic keep it's distance. It was operated by a little button with yer left hand from the handlebars.

A high quality (heavy, good wood, real gears,) table hockey game.

A performer's stool with built in Amp and taperecorder.

My guess is that ALL these things have been done by others at some point, before or after I thought of them. It keeps me off the streets though. I seem to remember an inventions thread at Mudcat. I imagine there's a lot of pretty creative eccentrics here.