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Posted By: Elsie
09-Jul-97 - 03:55 PM
Thread Name: What is a Folk Song?
Subject: RE: What is a Folk Song? we go (Bert, you asked!)....Whippoorwill, if I define Italian cuisine as anything with lots of garlic, tomato sauce and oregano served over pasta, it may suit ME, but it wont likely suit those who grew up Italian! If everyone has a 'personal' definition...there is NO definition! If all you want is to eat food that tastes good to you, then you don't have to call it anything, just mix it up to suit yourself! You can put garlic, oregano, and tomato sauce over lime jello if you law against it... but you don't expect to go to an Italian restautant and find it on the menu just because YOU call it Italian!

This is why I really want to see some sort of standards.I know there are borderline cases, but many of the threads posted here really do NOT qualify! The management is more liberal than I would be if I had thought of this first, so they (the off the topic threads) are tolerated. My concern is that the definitions are being even more weakened by shrugging and saying "oh, well-if people want it, it must be folk". Antique dealers have a standard. Things which dont fit the definition are called 'collectibles' and may become antiques in time. I'm sure they have their borderline cases too. I saw an argument by Bill D in one of those other threads that pointed out that the very word 'folk' was being used in different senses. I think this may be a real issue, and I hope he will expand on what he means. I just know that some people are taking advantage of this forum without even considering whether their posts are appropriate- and others are feeding them answers! Like I said way back...if you feed a stray cat, it will think it belongs! Does that sound harsh and unfriendly? I dont mean it to be, I just want to sit here and read about traditional folk music and not have things like 'Beyond the Blue Horizon' mixed in. It's a pretty song, but it is not REMOTELY folk or traditional.It's a pop song by Lou Christie from some movie!(maybe from the 50's)and someone is already offering an answer! And there are many sources for those lyrics. This should not be the place to ask. Lets see what others have to say before I grumble any more.