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Posted By: My guru always said
21-Nov-02 - 05:21 PM
Thread Name: New Music Club, 20/11, Rickmansworth, UK
Subject: RE: New Music Club, 20/11, Rickmansworth, UK
Piersybaby: I think you'll find that Traction Engines spot me - usually when I've got a nice white T Shirt on - unbelievably difficult to shift, especially the smuts from Polish coke which burns a yellow smoke.

Yes, 'Little Billy', a Garrett I believe, engine no. 33566... I've a good slide of it somewhere, now where did I file that?????

Am certainly hoping to sing tomorrow at the Comfort Hotel in support of George Papavgeris (wonderful songwriter & all-round good guy). It's just that I broke a tooth earlier & hope it doesn't give me gip while I'm warbling away at the front. Sitting or standing? Eyes open or closed? Hmmm...

Excellent news about getting the old PC going.... did you get all the bugs out?