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Posted By: Big Tim
23-Nov-02 - 04:15 PM
Thread Name: Origins: Castle of Dromore
Subject: RE: Help: Castle of Dromore; origins and location
If it can be proved that Boulton visited the Kerry Dromore Castle, I'd take that as very important, if not conclusive. What are the "records extant"?

Anyone got access to one of those big books on Irish castles? There may be some clues there.

Any further thoughts on "Clan Owen", which seems to place the song in Tyrone? Personally, I suspect this may not be all that relevant as Boulton was probably not too fussy about the accuracy of the historical and cultural details (as in "Over the Sea to Skye", etc).

I think he was out to create a mood, essentially artificial, and the song, though extremely effective, can be discounted as in any way culturally Irish. It wasn't written by one of the ancient bards. Anyone else prepared to stick their neck out?!