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Posted By: Midchuck
25-Nov-02 - 10:12 AM
Thread Name: Sitting Or Standing
Subject: RE: Sitting Or Standing
I think I can play the guitar a leetle bit better sitting, because it's more stable.

I am fairly sure I sing better standing, because I can breathe better. This is my own fault because I have acquired a little round gut. If I were skinny, and things didn't compress down there when I sat, I could probably sing just as well sitting.

I tend to stand to perform if doing two sets or less, and sit if it's three or more sets. Two is about the limit on the aging - hell, aged - spine.

Josh White, Sr., used to stand behind a straight chair, put one leg over the back with his thigh resting on the top of the back and his foot on the seat, and put his guitar on the elevated leg. That works well for me until the back of the chair cuts off circulation in the raised leg. I guess you're supposed to be taller.