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Posted By: Fadac
03-Jun-99 - 10:37 AM
Thread Name: National Accordion Awareness Month
Subject: RE: National Accordion Awareness Month
FREE the REEDS! Ah, my favorate month. I will not make the Mudcat West Coast, Bay Area, chapter meeting this week. It's the tail end of Deep Space 9, and I want to see it. Also it's pouring down rain with lots of cold. Here in the SF Bay area, we are in a Temporal Time Warp, it's like Feb. here. Very cloudy skys, rain, cold, (40s) and snow at Late Taho. Brrrrr Way too cold to be riding motorcycles at 11PM. Of course next week it will be 90 degrees out.

Banjos: def; The only instrument that an accordion player can make fun of. Just kidding! I love banjo music. Favoriate banjo lick? Washington Square.

One thing I have learned after taking my accordion lessons. It ain't easy. I don't feel that I will be able to really perform for anyone for about another two years. There is just so much to learn. And I consider it easier than my concertina... I have also learned that there is a lot more music out there than I ever believed possable. I attended this accordion siminar, and heard music from all over the world. Hungrian rapisdy (sp????) Tangos from South America, Jazz, blues, and even very classic muisic like Flight of the Bumble Bee, all on accordion. I just didn't belive my ears when one fellow bent the notes on his accordion. Bent the reeds just like a harp. He showed me how to do it. Now I just need more background to use it.

Does anybody else have an opinion on how long it takes to make a reasnonable accordionist? If you are familure with the Palmer Hughes books, I figgure that by about book 5 your are getting someplace. (I just started book 2) Book 10 has flight of the bumble bee in it. Does that sound about right. I think I can do a book in about six to seven months, if I practice at least an hour a day, and don't start skipping lessons. (I take a small group class once a week.)

I heard once that it took seven years to make a bagpiper. I belive it. How long for other instruments?

Suppose you had no other music, and are in your mid 40's. How long do you suppose you could make reasonable music with your instrument?

Perhaps I should start another thread, but lets leave it here for the moment.