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Posted By: Amos
29-Nov-02 - 01:45 PM
Thread Name: Max's Christmas: all hands!
Subject: Max's Christmas: ALL HANDS!!!
Guys, I don't know or much care what the politically correct term for the forthcoming holiday is, but I do know one thing -- we owe Max more than lip-service for keeping this forum together in spite of hard times and a lot of flak from the ungenerous among us.

Let me propose that everyone turn out this Xmas season and provide a small amount of support and exchange by getting yourselves and your friends Mudcat CDs from CAMSCO. The bulk of that money goes striaght to Mudcat support. Those of us who pushed the project through -- Dick Greenahus, myself, MichaelR, Homeless, Sorcha and others -- did it on a volunteer basis for this reason only -- to give th3e Mudcat a better shot at long term survival.

What you get is a wonderful collection of music! Five CDs stuffed with Mudcat singing and playing from all over the world. Songs from the ancient centuries right up to this decade. An amzing spectrum of folkie talent deployed at your command!

What we get collectively is the excitement of swamping Max with a surge of support greater than he's ever seen before!! Ya think that would make his holiday, maybe? Sure it would!!!

Get behind this wave, order your CDs from Dick Greenhaus right away!! Get a whole set!! You save money!! And Max has a GREAT Xmas. And so do I!! And so does our cyberhome!!! What d'ye say??? Orders in??? Go, go, go!!