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Posted By: Catherine Jayne
29-Nov-02 - 02:37 PM
Thread Name: BS: bullying advice
Subject: RE: BS: bullying advice
When I was in year 11 at High School my form tutor who was also my french teacher, regualarily ridiculed me infront of the whole class. I was bullied quite badly throughout school and stuck it out and made my parents not go into the school. However my brother was at the same school and got bullied in his first year and when someone threw a chair at him then my parents went into the school. My form tutor then said I had no sense of humor (I had been beaten up, had belongings stolen and pushed out of a window). The tutuor also said that I wouldnt amount to anything and that I would never get into music college. One teacher stuck up for me and was there when I needed to talk which got me through school and my exams...which I passed with flying colours. I got into music college and went on to play with professional orchestra's. I went on after that to get my degree and I am happy. The school asked me to go back and perform for them at a presentation evening, I politely declinded.

My brother moved schools, I wish I had. Sometimes it is best to leave the kids to sort it out themselves. When bullying starts to affect the childs behaviour something has to be done. You should log a complaint with the school against the teacher. No pupil should be publically ridiculed infront of anyone. Tell the head teacher you are prepared to go to the local paper.....schools don't like bad publicity....this won't be necessary but will scare them into doing something. I went to a school which said it didn't have a bullying problem....the teachers walked around with their eyes closed. If all esle fails move your son out of the school. Don't do what my dad did and headbutt the head teacher who incidently left the school later that year!!!

Good luck