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Posted By: selby
29-Nov-02 - 03:12 PM
Thread Name: BS: bullying advice
Subject: RE: BS: bullying advice
My youngest son had become quiter than normal and didn't want to go to school somedays he normally enjoys school, after a lot of quite talking at home we finally found out that 3 members of his class were systematically picking on 4 other class members one of which was my son.The modus operandum of the 3 was to grab the persons who was there victim for the day around the back of the neck as every oppertunity. the follow on if it was your turn to be the object of their desires it wouldn't be your turn till 4 days later but on the fifth day it could well be and the cycle went round.Physical and Mental torture in my opinion.I contacted the class teacher and told her of my suspicions to my suprise she knew who was doing it and it was expected of them,she was also shocked that she hadn't seen what was going on. The head of year interviewed all the boys in the class and then rang us back and tried to tell us it was all boys being boys but he would keep an eye open for what was going on. My son has had one attack since but has had the guts to report direct to the head of year I think he has been very brave in what he has done.We have with our son tried to anylise what is going on we think it is our son is quite he is a hard worker and resonable intelligent well liked and above all plays melodian in a school band.We think that he is a victim because the bullies are jealous, one of the other victims has behavoural problems and gets a bit of one to one tution. The bullies we think need to be noticed and this is their way of getting noticed