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Posted By: wilco
29-Nov-02 - 04:42 PM
Thread Name: BS: bullying advice
Subject: RE: BS: bullying advice
    I'm in SE USA (Tennessee), but the situation sounds very familiar. I have eight children (31 to 16), and I have coached hundreds of various athletic teams for 25 years. Here's my take:
1. You're doing the right thing by getting involved.
2. The teacher is incompetent, but he/she is accountable to someone.
3. Talk to your son, with your spouse present. If he has a close firend or two, they might want to listen to. Chances are they are getting bullied too. Let him know that you're going to help in a constructive way, that the bullies are wrong, and the teachers' behavior is completely inappropriate.
4. tell him that bullying is a probelm worldwide, through-out history, and that good schools sytems won't allow it. Tell him that the schools have some kind of process in place to mediate the situation. Tell him that you will find out what that process is.
5.Identify and teacher's supervisor, and ask for a meeting with your son, the teacher, and the supervisor to look at the schools bullying
mediation program or bullying policies.
6. Always let your son know that you want him to talk to you, and that the schools are worng to allow this.
7. This is about all that you can do, within reason. If you have a strong teacher's union there, like the NEA here, the union will protect lousy teachers and administrators, and you might not be able to do a thing.
8. Also, I have instructed all of my kids to avoid fights; however, they have all had instruction in self-defense. This will pay life-long dividends.

Biggsest thing to do: let your son know that he's been wronged, and that you support him.