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Posted By: Liz the Squeak
29-Nov-02 - 07:37 PM
Thread Name: BS: bullying advice
Subject: RE: BS: bullying advice
If someone doesn't stop the bullies at school, they go on to believe that this behaviour is the norm and continue it the rest of their lives. One extreme example is that of my father in law's East London school bullies. Twins, they ruled the school at age 12. No-one, not even the head could control them. Their mum was the only person they would listen to. Their names were Ronnie and Reggie.

Someone has to stop this behaviour now,and sometimes it's the little person who has to do it.

Do you think maybe that the teachers are being victimised too? Quite often the bullied goes on to be a bully, revenge for all the punishement they put up with. They are controlled by certain pupils, and in turn, take it out on someone they already see as a weaker, less able victim, a scapegoat. By showing up this weaker victim in front of the bullies, they are seeking approval and obtaining a little more protection for themselves.

There are many sites about bullying, and if things are very bad,there is always Childline - they have trained people to give you the best advice.

Never resort to violence, it makes you as bad as them....