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Posted By: Uncle Jaque
29-Nov-02 - 08:21 PM
Thread Name: Max's Christmas: all hands!
Subject: RE: Max's Christmas: ALL HANDS!!!
References to the individual CDs do not seem to be "linked", so in a nutshell...

Are these albums arranged in any particular grouping - ergo; "Traditional" on one, "celtic" on another, etc., or are they all randomly assorted? I would be interested in particular genre's, such as "Gospel" or "Early American", for example, while not so enthusiastic about "contemporary" or "Protest" themes, per se..

I assume that it would be easy to arrange a gift CD sent to another address in Europe as well as here in the US - does CAMSCO handle the currency exchange, for instance?

I'd want to listen to the albums before sending them as gifts, but if what I was hearing back on the old "Paltalk" cyber-song-circles (those were kind of fun, weren't they?) is any indication, I have little doubt that it is top-drawer music. And it surely is for a splendid cause!